Considering Henry Ford

Considering Henry Ford The Deconstruction of Thinking

'Considering Henry Ford' explores the fundamental differences between thinking, the higher order cognitive function of humans; and instinct, the powerful unconscious process of the 'lesser' species. Inevitably, higher order thinking lends itself and begets a higher degree of 'self-interest' while evident from more successful species including cockroaches, ants and bacteria, one enormous benefit of instinct seems to be a balance that lends itself to both the collective and individual needs and their historical and evolutionary success.
'Considering Henry Ford' explores the species of human appearing to face a higher likelihood of extinction, from nuclear proliferation, scarcity of food, water, ethnic hatred, socioeconomic imbalance and the inequitable distribution of resource. With the proximity of so many tipping points in our lifetime, Iran, drought, ethnic cleansing and an economic plutocracy growing to the absolute detriment of the middle and lower class; self interest and commonwealth, in the view of evolution, are the subjects of this treatise. 
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